The hotel is situated in the centre of the town, c. 300 m from Stone Bridge. It is an unique place with wide-ranging possibilities for relaxation. In range of 500 m you can find swimming stadium, swimming pool, Prácheň’s Museum renowned as the second best in Europe, old royal castle, historical square with Renaissance houses and one gothic house in which a library is seated, pious park, where personalities like violin instructor Otakar Ševčík, world-known miniatures painter Jan Zachariáš Quast and others are buried. One of the oldest municipal power-stations rises above the weir known from Fráňa Šrámek’s poems. And if you go for other 100 metres further, Putimská gate with both lassies about which that well-known song narrates will be behind you. There are splendid tennis courts not far from the guest-house and there is train stop 100 metres from there. There is cocktail music-bar (discotheque on Fridays), carambol, darts, football and game machines in the hotel. There is a restaurant in vicinity.